PMI Lakeshore spawns a friendly blockchain meetup

By Dave D'Silva

Jan 29
project management

Here is a way to improve your lot by learning about blockchain, as a thank you to PMI Lakeshore for helping incubate an energy blockchain to lower electricity bills.

Please accept my warm welcome to drop by and participate in biweekly blockchain meetups at Bitcoin Bay and Bitcoin North. If you are in Mississauga or downtown Toronto, please drop by the meetup. Just ask for Bitcoin Bay co-founder Jerry and tell him that Dave sent you. Be forewarned hundreds of people drop by the Toronto meetup. If you are closer to York Region please drop by in Richmond Hill.

Why do we call the meetups Bitcoin when the offer is to learn about blockchain? “Bitcoin as the world’s first public blockchain” is just too long.

Will you learn about how regular people make money with Bitcoin and how to start? Yes, for example, we have access to Coinsquare, a crypto exchange, as a speaker at our blockchain conference, below.

Will you learn about the corporate side of blockchain and how it may affect your job and life? Yes. An example is blockchain to lower electricity bills. This blockchain came out of PMI Lakeshore hosting my presentation of “The Formula for Project Management Professionals”, at the University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, April 30, 2016. To follow this blockchain story, please see the high school blockchain, cleantech energy, climate change conference.

I encourage you to join us at our blockchain meetups to fly with the socio-economic revolution of blockchain, and if not, enjoy half price wings at Bitcoin North.

About the Author

Dave champions project management and blockchain for the community good, as a former PMI Toronto Chapter PMO Community Chair, and PMI Lakeshore Chapter speaker. Connect with Dave at