Nothing is certain but blockchain and taxes

By Alex Makarski

Feb 23
Blockchain and taxes

“Nothing is certain but blockchain and taxes,” said Benjamin Franklin, the first Bitcoiner.


Well, the tax season is upon us.

And for many people who got into bitcoin or altcoins or ICOs for the first time last year, this is going to be the first CRA tax return with the crypto component.

Now, let me tell you, doing taxes if you HODLed, traded, accepted crypto as payment for products or services, or invested in some ICOs is no jk matter.

In fact, you may be in for a (less-than-pleasant) surprise.

See, most information you find in reddits, discords, and online forums is either wrong, incomplete, or is about how things work in the US, not here, in our home and native land.

To sort things out for us, we’ve invited Boris Baranov, CPA to set the record straight for us.

Be there on Monday. Bring your questions.

Learn & Connect.

Bitcoin North – Crypto Tax in Canada, Ins and Outs with Boris Baranov, CPA

Monday, Feb 26, 2018, 6:00 PM

Tailgate Taphouse
10737 Yonge St Richmond Hill, on

20 Northerners Attending

The tax season is upon us and cryptos had a nice run up toward the end of 2017. Did you HODL*? Did you trade, mine, invest in ICOs or accept tokens as payment for your products and services? Find out what that might mean when it comes to filing your tax return with the CRA this year. * HODL – “hold on for dear life” Our guest speaker is Boris Baran…

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PS: If you’re one of the people who think cryptos are “private”, you’re more wrong than you’re right. Time permitting, we can wade into that discussion as well.

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About the Author

Alex is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Bitcoin North. He works with tech and blockchain startups as an interim / fractional CMO (both in Toronto and in the Silicon Valley). When he's not growth-hacking another campaign, he's into jazz, good books, and outdoorsy things like hiking and snowboarding.