London Pub to host Bitcoin North meetups

By Alex Makarski

Apr 08
London Pub

Well, we're getting a new "home".

From April 9th onwards, our meetings are moving to London Pub, a signature spot on Yonge St just south of Major Mac.

Yes, I know... I said "south".

But we're still The Northerners! It's just that from now on, we'll be meeting smack in the heart of Richmond Hill, near the Central Public Library and a stone throw away from Hillcrest Mall. So I'm sure many of you will welcome this change of location.

Bobby (the owner) welcomed us and offered a private room in the back for our meetups.

The room offers us plenty of... ahem... room to grow and features a large screen and a projector to use for presentations.

London Pub has been around since 1999 (as in, "last century" haha!).  Over the years I've come here with several people from Europe (including some Brits) who'd be visiting our neck of woods on business. London Pub has always delivered great food, authentic European ambiance, and super-friendly service.

We all look forward to the this chapter in the story of Bitcoin North.

London Pub:
9724 Yonge St
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1V8
phone: (905) 508-2770


About the Author

Alex is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Bitcoin North. He works with tech and blockchain startups as an interim / fractional CMO (both in Toronto and in the Silicon Valley). When he's not growth-hacking another campaign, he's into jazz, good books, and outdoorsy things like hiking and snowboarding.