Bitcoin North is York Region's premier community for blockchain education and innovation. We are a local community of cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals and enthusiasts.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, we are fueled by the desire to create a community that would help York Region residents and businesses learn about and take advantage of this new technology and industry.

Bitcoin North

Local community of Bitcoin and blockchain professionals & enthusiasts

about the founders

Bitcoin North is the brainchild of David D'Silva and Alex Makarski. Both Richmond Hill residents, family men, parents, and blockchain entrepreneurs, they were brought together by the desire to create a community that would help York Region residents learn about and take advantage of this new technology.  

davE d'silva

Dave D'Silva founded Intelligent Market Solutions Group (IMSG) in 1989 at the University of Waterloo as an experimental decentralized security and securities socio-economic solution. Today IMSG provides classified government services, and IT project management training and consulting to the private industry. An example is launching corporately incubated startups like PriceMetrix, a hybrid blockchain AI practice management coaching firm serving North American wealth managers, acquired by McKinsey & Company in 2016.

For three decades, Dave has served as liaison to the media, legal, police, and diplomatic community on management of cultural bullying. Dave defines cultural bullying as the socio-economic modern-day plague, which due to the inherent conflict between centralized control and diversified cultures, is responsible for rising debt, rising white collar crime, and administrative corruption. 

Alex Makarski

alex makarski

Alex Makarski is a business consultant, software executive, and investor in startups. As CMO and CTO, he has been instrumental in launching and growing Toronto- and The Silicon Valley-based startups like AuditMaster (acquired by Pervasive Technology), RestaurantMetrics (acquired and spun off as IntelliGauge), StackStorm (acquired by Brocade Communications) and several others.

In his spare time, Alex mentors young entrepreneurs through a Canadian non-profit organization FuturPreneur and runs local events to help business owners learn about digital media buying, data-driven marketing, and growth hacking. Alex works with Business Development Bank of Canada supported investors like VenGrowth.



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